Anne Arundel Christian School’s Academic Curriculum

Below, you will find details of Arundel Christian School’s academic curriculum.

Early Elementary Department

PK-2 Classes:

PK-2 students must be two (2) years old when entering the program. PK-2 students attend class 4 ½ days per week. Students are taught their alphabet, numbers, days of the week, shapes, and colors, and Bible verses along with social and developmental skills. PK-2 students will have one semester of Spanish per year. ACS PK-2 staff will assist in potty training. The overall goal of PK-2 is to prepare our students for the ACS PK-3 program.

While in PK-2, we will assist your efforts in potty training your child; however, he/she must be fully potty trained BEFORE entering our PK-3 program.

PK-3 Classes:

PK-3 students must be three (3) years old when entering the program. Our PK-3 class, which meets 4 ½ days a week, follows the Horizons and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum as specified in the School of Tomorrow manual. This curriculum includes specific, detailed, sequential, and integrated daily lessons in phonics, Bible, number and letter recognition, social skills, and art. PK-3 students also take Computer and Spanish classes on a weekly basis.

Classroom Expectations:

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Hold a pencil properly
  • Use a glue stick
  • Hold scissors properly—practice opening and closing

Academic Skills:

  • Knowledge of Alphabet—Upper case letters
  • Knowledge and Recognition of Numbers 1-5
  • Shape Recognition
  • Color Recognition
  • Name Recognition


  • Separates from parents at drop off.
  • Needs to be able to sit for 10-15 minute intervals for lessons.
  • Follows class rules and directions.
  • Respects others—shares, listens, takes turns.
  • Responds well with correction/cooperates in serving a “time out”.

Physical Maturity:

  • Fully potty trained and uses the bathroom independently
  • Manages pants/skirts with pulling up, buttoning, etc.
  • Able to clean him/herself after bathroom use.
  • Able to nap without wetting him/herself.
  • No pull-ups.

PK-4 Classes:

PK-4 students must be four (4) years old when entering the program. Our PK-4 class also meets 4 ½ days per week. This class follows a combination of the Horizons, Alpha-Omega, and Accelerated Christian Education Programs. We will have expanded this program to include some curriculum from the A Beka program as well. PK-4 students will take Computer and Spanish classes as electives. Our PK-4 program is intended to prepare our students for entrance into our excellent Kindergarten program. Advanced PK-4 students may often be included in some Kindergarten classes for extra lessons.

Elementary Department


By Law, Students entering Kindergarten must be five (5) years old by September 1st. Alpha & Omega Publications (AOP) and the A Beka programs provide an advanced approach toward the first-grade readiness to read, emphasizing phonics on a daily basis with detailed, integrated, and sequential lesson plans. Core curriculum subjects are introduced which include: English, Word Building, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as electives of Spanish, Computer Literacy, Art, Music, and P.E.

First Grade:

First grade students will continuously review and re-emphasize their phonics and reading skills. Following the guidelines in both the AOP and ACE curriculum programs, students will advance their skills in the core subjects with classroom teaching and instruction. Additional classes in Spanish, Computer, Music, Art and PE are provided.

Grades 2 – 3:

Students in grades 2 – 3 are taught through classroom instruction in the core subjects using both the AOP and ACE curriculum programs. Students attend Spanish and Computer classes alternately twice a week. Elementary students also take Music, Art, PE, extra Spelling and Geography classes, and Character Building classes as electives.

Intermediate Department

Grades 4 – 7:

Intermediate students are taught through classroom instruction in the core subjects using the AOP and ACE curriculum programs. Students attend Spanish and Computer classes alternately twice a week. Intermediate students take Music, Art, PE, Geography, and Character Building classes as electives, and all 7th grade students take MD State History.

Secondary Department

At ACS we include 8th grade students with our 9th – 12th grade students in our Secondary Department. We do this so that the 8th graders will have the opportunity both to learn about the necessary requirements for graduation before entering the 9th grade and also to start earning those graduation credits early whenever possible.

Students in the 8th grade will be taught their core subjects through classroom instruction. They will also take Computer and Spanish classes. Those who are able will take High School classes and earn credits toward graduation.

The following courses are offered:

*Academic Electives

English 8, English I, II, III, & IV, Etymology*, Word Building, American Literature*

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Business Math*, Math Applications, Functional Math

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Unified Science, Astronomy (1/2 Credit), Life Science (1/2 Credit), Geology* (1/2 Credit)

Social Studies:
Social Studies 8, US History, US Government, World History, World Geography, The Constitution*, Collectivism* (1/2 Credit), Sociology* (1/2 Credit)

Other Electives:

Keyboarding, Intro to Programming, Yearbook, Read Master, and Power Point

Basic General Business, Business Math

Fine Arts:
Speech, Music Theory, Choir, Band, Dance, Drama

Human Temperament Studies, Inter-Personal Relations

Foreign Language:
Spanish I, II, & III

SAT Prep, Study Skills & Note Taking, Recitation, Ancient Mythology, New Testament

Physical Education, Health

Course Prerequisites:

COURSE:                                                                      PREREQUISITE:

Algebra I                                                                      Pre-Algebra

Algebra II                                                                    Algebra I & Geometry

Geometry                                                                   Algebra I

Trigonometry                                                           Algebra I & Geometry

English II                                                                      English I

English III                                                                    English I & II

English IV                                                                    English I, II, & III

Chemistry                                                                  Algebra I & Physical Science

Social Studies                                                          None

Students through grade 8 who receive a failing grade in two (2) or more subjects will not be promoted to the next grade. If a student fails one (1) class, he or she may be permitted to go to the next grade; however, the failed course will have to be repeated along with the regular courses for the next grade. A student who has failed two (2) or more classes may be enrolled in local summer school classes. If the classes are passed, that student will be promoted to the next grade level. Proper documentation must be provided from the summer school program proving that the student has successfully completed the necessary courses.

Academic High School Programs

Upon reaching the ninth grade, an Arundel Christian School student needs an Academic Projection to plan the next four years of his/her secondary education. He/she is a freshman in High School and must make a decision for his/her future among one of the three diploma programs. Parents, students, and teachers meet before the beginning of each school year to go over the next year’s class requirements in each student’s journey towards graduation.

At ACS it is our assumption that both the parent and the student will want to pursue a college education after graduating high school; therefore, we plan that student’s High School career with that goal in mind. However, some students will not wish to pursue a college degree and may wish to learn a trade, enter the military, or go directly into the workforce. Regardless, we put together the best plan to help our students achieve their life goals while meeting their academic needs.

The Academic Programs offered are as follows:

  • College Preparatory
  • General
  • Vocational

The Basic Graduation Requirements for graduation in Anne Arundel County are as follows:

Math: 4 Credits

English: 4 Credits

Social Studies: 3 Credits—Must include:

US Government

US History

World History

Science: 3 Credits—Must include:


Physical Education: 2 Credits—May include:

1 P.E.

1 Health

Other electives should include at least two (2) Foreign Language credits as most colleges do require them and are now asking for a third Foreign Language credit. Therefore, ACS has included Spanish III as a graduation requirement.

Please direct any questions to the Principal or the High School Advisor. Each student’s program is individually planned.

Some factors determining the choice of a program:

  • Parents’ highest expectations for the student
  • Parents’ anticipated date for the student’s graduation
  • Parents’ help gaining production from the student
  • Student’s age at time of enrollment and mental maturity
  • Credits earned at previous schools
  • Performance level as determined by diagnostic tests
  • Student’s age at projected time of graduation
Homework Expectations

Homework Expectations for Grades 1 – 7

Each day’s goals for each subject being taken will be listed on the front or inside cover of the student’s workbook. Some teachers may list the day’s goals on their boards for the students to copy into their workbooks or may list their class goals on Gradelink as well. Parents are encouraged to look through their child’s workbooks on a daily basis to see what work has been assigned. Parents may be required to sign off on homework assignments.

Students are given ample class time during which they should be able to complete their goals. Some of the work may need to be taken home; however, if your child is consistently bringing home more than seven (7)) pages of homework a night, this is a warning sign that the student is not using his class time wisely. If this situation should continue to occur, you will be notified by the teacher. We encourage you to help us keep the lines of communication open between home and school. If even in doubt, please do not hesitate to call 410-859-8573. You may also e-mail your child’s teacher. You will be provided with a list of the teacher’s e-mail addresses at the beginning of each school year.

Student workbooks are to be entirely completed by the student. All questions within the workbook must be correctly answered at the time the student is tested for that workbook unless specifically noted otherwise by the teacher. If a student turns in an incomplete workbook, he or she may be required to stay after school and/or in lunch detention each day until the workbook is completed correctly.

Homework Expectations for Grades 8 – 12

Homework, as assigned on a class-by-class basis, can be expected in all subjects for students in the 8th – 12th grade. Homework, research papers, book reports, science projects, Field Trip homework, etc. are all part of a complete academic program that prepares students for institutions of higher learning. We appreciate the parents’ encouragement and support. High school students in grades 9 through 12 who are working for a College Preparatory diploma or working on College-level courses most assuredly will have homework.

Scheduled Tutoring

Fridays are scheduled as half days so that students who may need extra help can receive tutoring. If you and your child’s teacher feel that extra help in a particular subject is needed, you may schedule an after-school tutoring session.

Tutoring sessions are not intended as supervised homework groups or to gain extra credit for poor test scores. Students should be making every effort in class to master the subject being taught, and the extra tutoring is designed to strengthen that effort.

Tutoring must be scheduled with the desired teacher ahead of time. Students may not elect to stay after school at any time because there may be no one available to supervise them.

Yearly Goals

For subjects using the A.C.E. curriculum, each student in grades 1 – 12 must complete twelve (12) PACE’s in each subject in order to receive full credit for a year’s work. Six (6) PACE’s in a subject is equal to one-half credit in that subject.

For subject using the Alpha & Omega curriculum, each student in grades 1 – 12 must complete ten (10) units in each subject in order to receive full credit for a year’s work. Five (5) units in a subject is equal to one-half credit in that subject.

Because our curriculum is taught by our teachers and time is allotted for study and review, students may earn a 0% to a 100% cumulative grade for each test taken. The grading scale is as follows:

90 – 100 = A

80 – 89 = B

70 – 79 = C

60 – 69 = D

59 & Below = F (Failure)

Additional writing assignment, projects, and bonus materials will be averaged in the Unit Test for the Final Grade.

Because we expect students to take advantage of free tutoring and the study guides and test reviews often provided before a test is given, we do not offer extra credit to students who have failed or received low grades on Final Tests.

If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility and the responsibility of his parents to contact the teacher for any missed work. Any make-up work or testing must be completed by the student after school hours or when the teacher is available once the student has returned to school.

Awards and Special Recognition

ACS encourages its students to work hard to achieve excellent grades so we also want to make sure that hard work is recognized. Students in Kindergarten through the 12th grade are eligible to make the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll Statuses are as follows:

B Honor Roll – 80% – 89%

A Honor Roll – 90% – 95%

Principal’s Honor Roll – 96% to 100%

We also strive to recognize students who are especially helpful or show kindness to one another. Good Behavior may be rewarded with a “Caught Doing Good” coupon, a certificate of recognition, or other privileges a teacher may deem appropriate.

At the end of each school year, we have our Awards/Promotion Ceremonies. During those ceremonies, the accomplishments of all of our ACS students from PK through our Graduating Seniors are celebrated.

Field Trips

As a part of our learning experiences, field trips are included throughout the school year. Some of our field trips will include the entire student body, and others will be geared to specific age groups. Most of the field trips we take have an educational and academic emphasis; however, we also enjoy taking trips that are “just for fun”.

An Activities Fee is assessed each year per child that will cover the field trips in his or her department. This fee is listed in your yearly contract. All ACS students must have their Activity Fee paid at the start of the school year. There are no refunds on the Activity Fee if your child does not attend a planned field trip.

Whenever we have extra room for chaperones, parents are definitely encouraged to attend their children’s field trips. Your child’s activity fee does not include chaperones. You will receive written notification with your child’s permission slip as to the Chaperone Fee for each field trip as they come up. If you delay in responding, there may not be room for you to accompany your child on a field trip!

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