Campus Procedures

Arrivals and Departures

School begins promptly at 8:30 am. The doors will open each morning at 8:00 am. Please keep in mind that our staff meets every morning at 8:00 am for Prayer so your child’s teacher will not be in his classroom until after Prayer Time in the morning.

Any student arriving after 8:30 am must sign in at the front office in order to be admitted to class.   Students below 6th grade must be signed in by a parent. Please refer to our Attendance and Tardiness Policies.

All visitors must be signed in at the front office and will receive a VISITOR’S BADGE. Any parent or guardian or designated person wishing to pick a student up early must come to the front office to do so and must sign that student out for the day. No student will be released to any person other than the parents, guardians, or those persons listed on the Student Information Sheet without PREVIOUS notification to the office. The office will ask for photo identification from adults picking up ACS students.

Early dismissal for a High School student who drives will only be granted when a note from home is sent to the office permitting the student to leave campus early. If a High School student who drives becomes ill and needs to go home, contact with a parent must be made by the office before that student will be permitted to leave campus. Students who drive may not take other students home with them without written permission from the parents involved.

ALL students must be picked up from school at the end of the school day. Students are not permitted to remain after school unless they are enrolled in an after-school program or in the Bible Club aftercare program. Students who have not been picked up by 3:00 pm will be placed into Bible Club, and the parents will be charged for that day.

The front office reception area is reserved for guests of our school. It is not to be used as a congregating area for students and/or parents. When needing to speak with our front office staff, please keep that area quiet so that our staff can effectively field the phone calls they receive or answer the questions of parents and guests of the school.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, Arundel Christian School will monitor the decisions made by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools for closings and delays. If there is a morning delay of any kind, there will be no Morning Bible Club. If school is closed, Bible Club is also closed. A delay of any kind on a Friday morning means “no school” at ACS.

We will also monitor AA County in regards to early dismissals or cancellations of afternoon activities due to inclement weather. Please make sure to check your e-mails and our Facebook page as well as your local television stations regarding closings and delays.

When making a decision of whether to close or delay school due to inclement weather, we will consider the commute of not only our students who are driving to school from Anne Arundel County but also of our students who reside in the surrounding counties.

Once we have determined whether to close for the day, delay opening, or close early, we will notify you both by e-mail and by posting on our Facebook page. We will also post our delays and cancellations on WBAL Channel 11, WJX Channel 13, WBAL1090 AM, and 95.1 SHINE FM.

If it becomes necessary to close schools early due to inclement weather, we will have either the office or your child notify you to come and pick him up. ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON WHO WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PICK THEM UP FROM SCHOOL IF THE PARENT IS UNABLE TO DO SO.

If the school must close for inclement weather or other emergency situations, all students must be picked up immediately from school. All students registered to Bible Club must have two (2) emergency contacts provided in the event of such early closings. If school is closed early, there is no afternoon Bible Club.

Parents may choose to keep their children home if they deem the roads to be too hazardous for their own travel. If you do make that decision, you must notify us in writing for the absence to excused, and your child is responsible for completing his/her schoolwork from home.

ACS Student Cell Phone Policy

As listed in our Student Code of Conduct, students are not permitted to have cell phones with them during the school day. We do understand that for safety purposes parents do want their children to have cell phones. With that in mind, the following policies shall apply to all ACS students:

  • Students are not permitted to have their cell phones with them during the school day.
  • Students whose parents have permitted them to bring their phones to school must turn their phones off, and the phones must be kept in the students’ backpacks or inside of their cubby or locker.
  • Students needing to contact their parents for any reason must request a pass to the office where one of the office staff will either call the parents or allow the student to make a call to the parent.
  • ACS students are not permitted to receive or respond to text messages during the school day. Parents needing to contact their children may do so by calling the office. The office staff will relay any message to the student; however, we will not pull a student out of class unless there is an emergency.       Such emergencies must be relayed to the Principal, Mrs. Bolin.
  • ACS will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones. Parents sending their children to school with a cell phone understand that both they and their children are solely responsible for that cell phone and anything that may happen with or to it.
  • Students who wish to use their cell phones after school is over must have received permission from a teacher or staff member to do so.
  • If a student is caught with his or her cell phone while at school without having received permission to have that phone from a teacher or staff member, the cell phone will be taken from that student.       The cell phone will be given to the Principal and only returned to the parent.


No Bullying Policy

ACS is committed to a safe, nurturing environment for all of its students. Therefore, ACS prohibits bullying, harassment, or intimidation of any student on school property, on a school bus, at school-sponsored functions, or anywhere else when it substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school. ACS encourages students to follow the example of Christ Jesus by showing kindness in both word and action and will not tolerate wrongful actions or speech that harass, intimidate, or bully other students.

Bullying or harassment can be physical (hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking, unwelcome advances, etc.), verbal (threatening, mocking, cursing, calling derogatory names), electronic (harassment by telephone, cell phone, computer or other text-receiving device) or relational (spreading harmful rumors or gossip, purposeful exclusion, etc.). “Bullying, harassment and intimidation” includes any intentional speech (written, verbal, or electronic) or action that does any of the following:

  1. Physically harms a student;
  2. Damages the student’s property;
  3. Substantially interferes with any student’s education environment; or
  4. Places a student in reasonable fear of harm to their person or property.

Any ACS student who believes they are the subject of bullying, harassment, or intimidation at school (or at school-sponsored functions) and any student (or teacher) who sees another student being bullied or harassed has a right to report such conduct to the Administration. If a parent believes that his/her child is being bullied, harassed, or intimidated by another ACS student, they have the right to complete a Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation form, available in the school office or on the school’s website. The school administrator or designee will investigate and complete a determination after receiving the Complaint form. The administration will then contact the person who filled out the form (and/or their parents) to discuss the results of the investigation, as well as any decision regarding consequences or remedial actions.

ACS does not allow reprisal or retaliation against students who report acts of bullying, harassment, or intimidation or who are victims, witnesses, bystanders, or others with reliable information about an act of bullying, harassment, or intimidation.

ACS Student Code of Conduct

The following regulations shall be followed by all ACS students:

  • Teachers are the authority in all classrooms and shall be respected at all times. All ACS staff and faculty members are to be respected in all areas before, during, and after school hours while on ACS property.
  • Students may not challenge authority figures by using ANY negative display of emotions, words, or gestures.
  • ACS students are to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen in words, actions, deeds, and appearance at all times.
  • The use of foul language is expressly forbidden. Name calling of a sexual, racial, religious, or insulting nature shall be the cause of immediate suspension. Name calling is often a prelude to violence.
  • Fighting is prohibited anywhere or at any time on school grounds or at school-sponsored events. Any student involved in a fight shall be faced with suspension or expulsion.
  • Any student inciting or causing fights by calling names, spreading rumors, or causing dissension shall be suspended.
  • All electronic devices including but not limited to Cell phones, Gameboys, PSP’s, beepers, radios, ED’s and cassette players, MP3 players, iPods, laptops, DVD players, electronic games, laser beam toys, toys representing a weapon, videos, magazines, or other personal reading materials are not permitted on campus. No toys may be brought from home unless special permission has been given by the teacher. Even in such cases, ACS is not responsible for any electronic devices or toys that are lost, taken, broken, or damaged in any way.
  • Students are not permitted to use cell phones. If a cell phone is found in the possession of a student, the phone will be confiscated and turned in to the office. ACS is not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen cell phones.
  • Any student found using or in the possession of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, inhalants, vaping devices and/or paraphernalia, or any illegal or prescription drug shall be immediately suspended/expelled. Any student taking over the counter or prescription medication must turn in said medications in to the office. If it is necessary to keep the medicines with the student, a doctor’s note will be required.
  • By law, ACS can and will conduct searches of backpacks, purses, or any other personal item as necessary to enforce our policies.       Furthermore, ACS has an agreement with the Anne Arundel County Police Department to request unannounced drug searches of our buildings and parking lots by drug-sniffing dogs.
  • Students are to respect school property at all times.       Destruction of school property shall not be tolerated. Parents must pay for any damages done to the property of ACS by their children.
  • Absolutely no food or beverage is permitted outside of the lunchrooms or picnic areas. Students may not eat or drink during class time. Students are not to carry water bottles or other drinks with them in class unless we have a doctor’s note indicating a medical condition making this necessary for that student.
  • No gum chewing on campus or at school-sponsored activities.       Damages caused by gum will be charged to the parents of the gum-chewing student.
  • ACS students may not have unauthorized visitors on campus at any time. Any and all visitors must check in at the office first to be signed in and receive identification.
  • Backpacks, book bags or other articles displaying band logos, graffiti, or other questionable words are not permitted.
  • No weapon (including toy weapons) is allowed on campus. No lighters, matches, or incendiary devices are permitted.
  • Student parking at our school is a privilege that can be lost by any student who breaks school rules and regulations.
Disciplinary Procedures

Students who are found violating ACS Conduct and/or Regulations will receive one or more of the following consequences:

  • DETENTION PREVENTION: A written warning concerning the student’s behavior.
  • DETENTION: Written notification that a student has broken regulations or has not completed a required assignment.
  • PRINCIPAL’S DETENTION: Written notification that a student has received three (3) Detentions for continued offenses.
  • SUSPENSION/EXPULSION: Resulting from two (2) Principal’s Detentions

A student may be immediately suspended or expelled at the discretion of the Principal should it be deemed that the student’s offense warrants such a decision.

Lunches, Snacks, and Dietary Procedures

All ACS students will bring a lunch from home with them each day. For students in PK and Kindergarten, those lunches must include a snack as well. All students enrolled in Bible Club after school must have an additional snack for that as well. Due to the increasing number of students with food allergies, ACS does NOT provide snacks for its students.

Please pack your child’s lunch thoughtfully. Choose foods for your child that will allow him or her to remain satisfied and alert in class. We also encourage you to make sure that an adequate breakfast has been eaten by your child so that he or she will not be hungry before lunch or snack time.

ACS does not provide services for warming up or refrigerating student lunches other than in the PK-2 class. Please make sure that you pack an ice pack if you want foods kept cool, or pack warm foods in the appropriate containers.

Students should not be brought fast food lunches to school. If your child has forgotten his or her lunch, please bring in what would be a regular school lunch. This keeps other students from “begging” for bites from your child and his being able to eat a full meal.

For students in grades 4 through 12, we do offer a school store. The school store will sell lunch snacks and sodas. It will also have some lunch food offerings but all are sold on a “first come/first serve” basis. Please do not assume the school store will have what your child will need for lunch and not send a lunch with him or her. If your child has been issued a Detention, he or she must bring a lunch to school that day because Detention students will NOT be dismissed to purchase food items from the school store.

ACS will offer pizza sold by the slice on Wednesdays and Chick-Fil-A on Thursdays. Order forms will be sent out by the office the week prior to each Wednesday and Thursday. All orders are to be paid for by the due dates indicated on the forms. LATE LUNCH ORDERS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED!


Arundel Christian School endeavors to provide not only an excellent education for its students but also an affordable education for their parents. With that in mind, the school will sponsor several fundraisers throughout the school year.

Fundraising allows the school to keep tuition rates affordable in addition to providing funds to purchase items that are beneficial to the student body which might not be covered by regular tuition.

Fundraising information will be sent home with your child prior to each event, and your participation is encouraged and appreciated.


In an effort to keep the lines of communication even more open, we have set up separate e-mail addresses for all of our teachers. All parents and students are given an access code that will allow them to sign into our grading and communications program, Gradelink. All communication from both the office and the staff will be through this source so do not hesitate to sign into the program!

Each teacher’s e-mail address is accessible on Please feel free to begin communicating with them right away. We will be using the e-mail addresses that have already been provided to us by you. Please make sure that the address you have provided is the one that you will be checking so that our communications to you are not missed. If your e-mail address has changed, please contact the office so that we can update it.

Teachers will not be able to leave their classrooms to speak with parents on the telephone. Please contact your child’s teacher directly through Gradelink so that he or she is aware of any questions or concerns you may have. Check daily for Gradelink alerts regarding your child’s academic progress.

ACS staff and faculty will not give out their personal cell phone numbers as a line of communication with parents.

Please do not stop our staff on the parking lot to discuss a classroom matter! If you need to speak with a teacher, please send him or her an e-mail with your questions. If the teacher cannot answer your questions in that manner, he or she will set up a time to meet with you.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to communicating with you!

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