New Enrollment

Please call the administrative office at 410-859-8573 for new student enrollment.

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Enrollment Guidelines

Guidelines for Accepting Students

All new students are enrolled for a 90-day probationary period. The administration may extend the period up to six (6) months.

  • Students above the sixth grade who do not personally want to attend ACS are generally not accepted.
  • ACS is not a “reform” school nor does it specifically address “problem” children, rather it is a Christian school compassionately encouraging children to excellence.
  • Students are not denied or offered entrance based on IQ, achievements, or ability. Children with a history of “under-achieving” are welcome unless the administration determines they may pose a social or moral liability to other students.
  • Each student history is individually reviewed. Students who currently engage in any of the following will not be admitted:
    1. Illegal activity;
    2. Behavior leading to arrest, conviction, or incarceration;
    3. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs or other use of substances to get “high”;
    4. Smoking or using tobacco or nicotine products;
    5. Conceiving or fathering a child out of wedlock;
    6. Engaging in sexual activity inconsistent with Scriptural teaching;
    7. Abusive behavior harmful to self or others;
    8. Blatant or chronic rebellion, including refusal to respect authority or adhere to rules (including dismissal or expulsion from another educational institution);
    9. Running away from home.

Applicants with a past history of above-mentioned behaviors are usually denied admission. However, the administration desires to model love and forgiveness and support for students with past struggles after repentance. In appropriate cases, ACS may admit a student with a history of the behaviors identified if in the administration’s sole discretion:

  • The applicant demonstrates to the administration’s satisfaction a clear and convicting basis for believing that the applicant has recognized the past behavior as wrong and has expressed sincere remorse, sought forgiveness, and made and appropriate “amends”.
  • The applicant has demonstrated consistently appropriate behavior for a sufficient period of time.
  • The history is unlikely to have a future adverse effect on the student body or other members of the ACS student population.
  • There is a reasonable basis for believing that the applicant is not likely to repeat negative behavior in the future.

A pregnant student may not remain in school, though homeschooling may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Married students (or formerly married students) may not remain in school.

Guidelines for PK-2, PK-3, PK-4, & Kindergarten Enrollment

  • Must have a Birth Certificate showing that the applicant is at least 2, 3, 4, or 5 years old as dictated by the grade they are entering by September 1 of the enrolling year. *
  • Must be fully potty-trained and able to clean, dress, and undress themselves. The ACS staff must not assist students in personal hygiene outside of emergency situations.
  • Must be able to listen to and obey verbal directions.
  • Must be independent and willing to separate from the parent during school hours.
  • Must be self-controlled for his age, managing anger without violence or physically acting out.

Students are accepted into the PK-2 class with all of the above-mentioned requirements except for the need to be potty-trained. Teachers will assist PK-2 students with potty-training and with dressing when necessary.

*Students who will turn five (5) years old after September 1 and before October 15 may be permitted to test into the ACS Kindergarten program. Such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. ACS will not test a student for the Kindergarten program whose birthday is after October 15 of that school year.

Attendance Policy

ACS will comply with the Maryland State laws regarding regular school attendance. COMAR Section 7-301 requires that, “each child who resides in the state and is 5 years old or older and under 16 shall attend school regularly during the entire school year unless the child is otherwise receiving regular, thorough instruction during the school year in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age.”

The following absences from school are deemed to be lawful. As such, work missed during absence for any of the reasons below may be made and grades awarded accordingly. Parental notes or other documentation are required to determine lawful absences.

The administrator or school principal must authorize all lawful absences.

  • Death in the immediate family
  • Illness of the student
  • Court summons
  • Suspension
  • Other emergencies or circumstances judged and approved by the administrator or principal
  • School sanctioned family activities (requires prior written request to the principal)
  • Religious observances (requires written request to the administrator or principal)
  • School sanctioned activities

Work missed during school-sanctioned activities, family activities, or lawful absences must be made up by the student. In the event that written permission is required for a lawful absence, the parent must agree to have the student complete the school work he or she will be missing during the approved absence. If the work assigned is not completed, those absences can be considered unlawful. If work then must be made up, the student will be required to arrange to complete the work after the regular school day.

The make-up policy for short-term, lawful absences shall be:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher for make-up assignments for any work missed due to an absence.
  • Work satisfactorily made up within the school’s prescribed time after returning to school will receive full credit.
  • Failure to make up work missed while absent will result in a failing grade for that working period.

Except for school-sanctioned family activities, notes and documentation verifying lawful absence from school must be submitted when the student returns to school from the absence. Failure to submit verification as required will result in the absence being considered unlawful.

An absence for any reason other than those cited as lawful is presumed to be unlawful and may constitute truancy.

Students who have excessive unlawful absences will be referred to the courts and/or other agencies for action. Students who have been unlawfully absent may lose credit toward graduation.

Students who accumulate more than eight (8) days of absences (lawful or unlawful) per semester or sixteen (16) days per year will be required to produce an acceptable doctor’s note or other documentation for all subsequent absences. Failure to provide an acceptable note will result in the absence being considered unlawful.

Students who have four (4) or more days of unlawful absences per term may receive a failing grade for that term. Students who accumulate eight (8) days of unlawful absences in a semester course or sixteen (16) days of unlawful absences in a year-long course may receive a failing grade in that course.

Tardiness Policy

School begins promptly at 8:30 am. ALL students are to report to their designated areas for Morning Roll Call and Devotions.

Tardy students are missing Morning Devotions which as a Christian school, is our most important part of the day. If there is a traffic problem, health emergency, or other emergency, please call the office and make them aware of the situation. Otherwise, the tardiness will not be excused.

Tardiness will also affect a student’s attendance record. The following will apply to students who do not arrive at school on time:

  • Absent or late less than ninety (90) minutes=tardy. Three tardies within one month will constitute a one-half day absence.
  • Absent or late between ninety (90) minutes and three (3) hours=one-half day absence.

Excused tardies will require written explanations. If a student is late because of a doctor’s visit, a written excuse from the doctor is required. Please remember that we have scheduled Friday as a half day in order to accommodate the need for doctor’s visits.

As with both excused and unexcused absences or tardies, students are required to make up for any lost class time after school hours.

Students who make a habit of being unlawfully absent from school may be expelled from ACS.

Permanent File Requirements

Every student must have up-to-date health records of immunization, a copy of his/her birth certificate, transcript (from another school), and a social security number on file by the first full day of school. ACS will comply with the immunization requirements as indicated by the Department of Health. In particular, all students in grades 5 through 12 must have a Hepatitis B shot and their second Chicken Pox vaccine. Please check with your child’s pediatrician before school starts to ensure that his immunizations are up to date. Please bring in or fax all records to the school office. The ACS fax number is (410) 859-8575.

Tuition Rates
Grade Registration Fees Grade Activities Fees Learning Materials Fees
PreK2-12th $150.00 PreK2-PreK3 $75.00 $250.00
PreK4-12th $100.00 $500.00
Annual Tuition Before-Care Fees After-Care Fees
PreK2 $6,300.00 $700.00 $1,800.00
PreK3 $6,200.00 $700.00 $1,800.00
PreK4 $6,100.00 $600.00 $1,800.00
K-5th $6,000.00 $600.00 $1,800.00
6th-8th $6,000.00 N/A $900.00
9th-12th $6,300.00 N/A $900.00



 Military and Government Personnel, Teachers and Pastors receive a 10% discount on their total annual tuition.
We also offer a 10% tuition discount for families with multiple children (oldest child pays full tuition rate).

*Only one discount is applicable per family.

Uniform Code

Arundel Christian School obtains its uniforms from Dennis Uniforms located in Catonsville, MD. Students must arrive at school every day in their complete uniform as outlined in the following section.

Girls’ Uniforms

Girls in PK through the 4th grade have as uniform options either a maroon plaid jumper or a navy blue polo dress with the ACS logo on it. These jumpers and dresses must be purchased from Dennis Uniforms. A white long or short-sleeved, Peter Pan-collared shirt is to be worn under the jumper. Girls may also wear navy blue uniform slacks with a maroon polo shirt with the ACS logo on it. All students from 4th through 12th must wear either a black, brown, or navy belt with their slacks.

Girls in 5th through 7th grade have a kick-pleat, navy skirt purchased from Dennis and worn with the ACS polo shirt. They may also wear navy blue uniform slacks. Students must wear a black, brown, or navy belt with their slacks.

Girls in 8th through 12th grade have a navy kilt purchased from Dennis and worn with the ACS polo shirt. They may also wear navy blue uniform slacks. Students must wear a black, brown, or navy belt with their slacks.

All girls may wear white, navy, maroon, or natural colored tights or hose. They may also wear white, navy, or maroon knee-highs with their skirts or jumpers. Socks—not footies—of the same colors may be worn with the navy slacks. Students may not wear shoes without socks or stockings.

The navy slacks must be uniform grade slacks. Knit or jean-type stretch fabrics or different styles of cargo pants are not permitted. All slacks purchased must be as those offered by the uniform company listed above.

All girls have the option of wearing a navy blue skort with their maroon ACS polo shirt. The skort must be purchased from Dennis Uniforms.

All students have the option of a purchasing a cardigan or pull-over sweater or sweater vest with the ACS logo on it. Students may also purchase the ACS fleece. Fleeces come as zip-up, pullover, or zip-up vests. The fleece may be worn with the Monday through Thursday uniform as well as with the Friday gym uniform. If a student is choosing to wear a sweater or fleece to school, it must have the ACS logo on it in order to be worn inside the classroom. Fleeces, sweaters, and sweatshirts MUST have the ACS logo on it and have been purchased from Dennis Uniforms.

Boys’ Uniforms

Boys in all grade levels have the same uniform. Boys wear navy slacks and maroon polo shirts with the ACS logo on them. The navy slacks must be uniform grade slacks. All slacks purchased must be as those offered by the uniform company listed above. Uniform pants may not be denim or cargo pants. There is also a shorts option for all boys’ uniforms. All boys in grades 4 through 12 must wear a black, brown, or navy belt with their uniform slacks. Boys are to wear white, navy, black, or maroon socks.

As with the girls’ uniforms, all students have the option of a purchasing a cardigan or pullover sweater or sweater vest with the ACS logo on it. Students may also purchase the ACS fleece. Fleeces come as zip-up, pullover, or zip-up vests. The fleece may be worn with the Monday through Thursday uniform as well as with the Friday gym uniform. If a student is choosing to wear a sweater or fleece to school, it must have the ACS logo on it in order to be worn inside the classroom. Fleeces, sweaters, and sweatshirts have the ACS logo and have been purchased from Dennis Uniforms.

Proper Undergarments

Proper undergarments shall be worn by all students. Undershirts shall be white only without writing or logos of any kind. Students may wear a white, gray, navy, or maroon turtleneck shirt under their uniform shirts if they desire.

Friday Gym Uniform

All students in all grades have the same Friday Gym Uniform. Students have the option of wearing either navy sweat pants or navy gym shorts with the ACS logo on them. All students wear the gray gym T-shirt with the ACS logo on it. Students may also choose to wear the navy gym sweatshirt with the ACS logo on it with this uniform. The sweatshirt may only be worn with the gym uniform; therefore, it may be advisable to purchase the fleece which can be worn with the Monday through Thursday uniform and the Friday Gym Uniform.

Uniform Shoes

Students in PK and Kindergarten must wear shoes that are black, brown, or navy with their Monday through Thursday uniform. These shoes must be slip-on or Velcro fastening shoes. No tie-up shoes are permitted for these grades. Girls may wear black, brown, or navy Mary Jane shoes as well.

Students in 1st through 12th grades must wear slip-on, loafer style shoes in black, brown, or navy with their Monday through Thursday uniform. Students may not wear high-heeled or platform loafer style shoes. Students may not wear “Ballerina” or “Baby Doll” flats. Boat shoes such as Sperry’s or flats made of fabric such as Toms are not permitted. Shoes should reflect a penny loafer style shoe.

Students in all grades may wear sneakers with their Friday uniforms. PK and Kindergarten students must still have a slip-on or Velcro closing sneaker and not a tie-up sneaker. No student may wear sneakers that have any kind of wheels attached to them.

Other Uniform Options

Some students are members of the ACS Warriors basketball and volleyball teams. Those students have had sweatshirts and T-shirts made that can be worn with their regular or gym uniforms. We have also designed T-shirts that can be purchased and worn in place of the Friday Gym Uniform T-shirts. We will make you aware of any of these options as they become available so that they can be used either for specific field trips or in place of the gym uniform.

“Dress-Down” Days

There will be times when students are permitted to come to school out of uniform. We call these days Dress Down Days. If such a day is planned, you will be notified by the ACS staff in writing. Students may also earn individual Dress Down Days as rewards for excellent behavior or service. You will also be sent written notification of such privileges.

Uniform Infractions

If your child arrives at school out of uniform or wearing a non-ACS standard uniform item, he/she will be issued a written notification to be signed by you indicating the type of Uniform Infraction. It is then the responsibility of the parent to obtain the proper uniform as indicated. If the student comes to school out of uniform after you have been notified of the uniform infraction, you will be required to either bring the needed uniform item to school for your child or to pick your child up from school until he/she has the proper uniform as stated in this document. If you are not able to obtain a part of your child’s uniform from Dennis Uniforms, written verification from Dennis Uniforms will be required.

Personal Grooming

Due to the many extreme changes in fashion trends, it has become necessary to focus on certain details crucial to personal hygiene, grooming, and appearance. The following regulations shall apply to all students:

  • Hair is to be neatly styled and clean. If a student colors his or her hair, the colors/shades must be of natural colors. For example, students may not come to school with blue or green hair.
  • Boys are not to have their hair in ponytails, hairbands, or clips nor are they to wear nail polish. Young men do not have to wear a short haircut; however, they may not have their hair cut in a long, shaggy cut that covers their faces. Young men are to be clean shaven. Boys may not wear earrings to school or to school functions.
  • Young ladies may wear cosmetics only if applied in a professional manner before arriving at school. Girls may wear jewelry in good taste. Any student wearing inappropriate jewelry will be instructed to remove it.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FACIAL OR BODY PIERCINGS ARE PERMITTED FOR ANY STUDENT. This includes but is not limited to ear gauges and nose rings. Students may not cover body piercings with Band-Aids. Those piercings must be removed before coming to school.
  • Any existing tattoo must be able to be covered by the student’s uniform.
  • Students should arrive at school in a clean uniform.

All students must make a personal commitment to daily hygiene. Each student must be able to handle his/her own personal bathroom needs such as cleansing, buckling, buttoning, zipping, etc. Arundel Christian School staff and faculty are not allowed to handle or to touch the students in any way or to leave class to assist one student in the bathrooms except in the case of an emergency.

ACS is not responsible for any damaged or soiled clothing. Remember that clothing tends to “get dirty” when young people play outdoors. Please do not send your child to school on party or dress down days in clothes that cannot be played in. ALWAYS LABEL YOUR CHILD’S UNIFORM!

Failure to comply with the Personal Grooming Guidelines as stated will be treated as a UNIFORM INFRACTION and the same consequences as stated under that heading will apply.

Before/After-School Care Schedule and Rates


Before and After-Care is available for the school year based on A.M. or P.M. needs as well as both A.M. and P.M. needs. Before and After-Care is available as a part of your financial contract and is to be paid with your tuition monthly.

“Drop-In” care is available on an “as-needed” basis. The cost of “Drop In” care is $10.00 an hour. Parents will be billed by each ½ hour actually spent in care. If a student is in “Drop In” care for any portion of that ½ hour, there will be a charge for the full ½ hour. A “Drop In” care form must be completed at the time of drop off or pick up and payment must be made at that time as well. Payment can be placed in the black mailbox in the front office area.

Before and After-Care and “Drop-in” care are available each of the scheduled days of school, except when Anne Arundel County cancels school because of inclement weather. On days with delays, before-school care will not be provided. On days with early dismissals, after-school care will not be provided.

Before-School Care will take place from 6:30 a.m. to 8:10 a.m. in the multi-purpose room. You may drop your child off at the back entrance as early as, but not before 6:30 a.m. At 8:10 a.m., before-school students will be accompanied to their classrooms or appropriate devotion room to start their day with their peers.

After-School Care will take place from 2:45 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Students who attend after-school care daily will be dismissed directly to the appropriate after-school care classroom. Students should bring a snack and drink to consume during after-school care. If you choose to use the “Drop-In” feature, simply alert the school at your earliest convenience. Any student who is not picked up on time will be considered a “Drop In” and will join the after-school program and a charge will be incurred.

After-Care ends promptly at 6:00 p.m. A late fee of $3.00 per minute will be assessed to students who are not picked up by 6:05 p.m. Parents who continue to pick up their child(ren) after 6:05 p.m. will no longer be permitted to participate in the program (see ACS Handbook).

Sample Activities:

Physical Activity:  Gross motor skills will be met through outdoor/indoor play and music/movement activities.

Social Activity: Social skills will be met through activities shared while working together as peers. Activities will include board games, cards, puzzles, building, drawing, play dough and art activities (creating with a variety of media -chalk, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, tape, beads, etc.)

Study Skills: Quiet study time will be provided in order to complete homework and engage in free reading.

Our before and after school care programs will encourage positive involvement promoting friendship, compassion, cooperation, responsibility and respect.

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