4th - 7th GRADE

Intermediate students are taught through classroom instruction in the core subjects using the AOP, ACE, and Horizons curriculum programs. Students attend Spanish and Computer classes alternately twice a week. Intermediate students take Music, Art, PE, Geography, and Character Building classes as electives, and all 7th grade students take MD State History.


Each day’s goals for each subject being taken will be listed on the front or inside cover of the student’s workbook.  Some teachers may list the day’s goals on their boards for the students to copy into their workbooks or may list their class goals on Gradelink as well.  Parents are encouraged to look through their child’s workbooks on a daily basis to see what work has been assigned. Parents may be required to sign off on homework assignments.

Students in grades 3 through 12 are issued an ACS School Daily Planner for each school year.  The planner contains the entire year’s calendar listed by week and month. Projected Test dates are also listed in the planner.  (Teachers may choose to alter those dates according to the testing needs of their individual classes.) Students are to list their daily assignments in this Planner so that parents can be kept abreast of class assignments.

Students are given ample class time during which they should be able to complete their goals.  Some of the work may need to be taken home; however, if your child is consistently bringing home more than seven (7) pages of homework a night, this is a warning sign that the student is not using his class time wisely.  If this situation should continue to occur, you will be notified by the teacher. We encourage you to help us keep the lines of communication open between home and school. If ever in doubt, please do not hesitate to call 410-859-8573.  You may also e-mail your child’s teacher. Your child’s teacher’s contact information is available through Gradelink.

Student workbooks are to be entirely completed by the student.  All questions within the workbook must be correctly answered at the time the student is tested for that workbook unless specifically noted otherwise by the teacher.  If a student turns in an incomplete workbook, he or she may be required to stay after school and/or in lunch detention each day until the workbook is completed correctly.

Academic Integrity

All ACS students are expected to complete their school work in each of their assigned classes with the utmost honesty.  Students who are caught cheating will receive a zero (0%) grade for that assignment. The following actions are considered cheating:

  • Copying another student’s work.

  • Copying another student’s test.

  • Giving another student your work to copy.

  • Bringing unauthorized notes to any test.

  • Providing other students with answers to previously taken tests.

  • Plagiarism 

Students who persist in dishonest school work shall face suspension or expulsion.