ACS offers PreK 2, PreK 3, and PreK 4 classes. Your child must be the appropriate age by September 1st to enter these programs. Preschool is a 12-month program at ACS.


PK-2 CLasses

PK-2 students must be two (2) years old when entering the program. PK-2 students attend class 5 days per week. Students are taught their alphabet, numbers, days of the week, shapes and colors, and Bible verses along with social and developmental skills. PK-2 students will have one semester of Spanish per year. ACS PK-2 staff will assist in potty training. The overall goal of PK-2 is to prepare our students for the ACS PK-3 program.

While in PK-2, we will assist your efforts in potty training your child; however, he/she must be fully potty trained BEFORE entering our PK-3 program.



PK-3 students must be three (3) years old when entering the program. Our PK-3 class, which meets 5 days a week, follows the Horizons PK curriculum. This curriculum includes specific, detailed, sequential, and integrated daily lessons in phonics, Bible, number and letter recognition, social skills, and art. PK-3 students also take Spanish classes on a weekly basis.



PK-4 students must be four (4) years old when entering the program. Our PK-4 class also meets 5 days per week. This class follows a combination of the Horizons, Alpha-Omega, and Accelerated Christian Education Programs. We will have expanded this program to include some curriculum from the A Beka program as well. PK-4 students will take Computer and Spanish classes as electives. Our PK-4 program is intended to prepare our students for entrance into our excellent Kindergarten program. Advanced PK-4 students may often be included in some Kindergarten classes for extra lessons.