Our PTA Team

Serving as a member of the PTA is more than just a responsibility; it is an honor. As a member of the PTA, you are setting an example for the students and parents of ACS. You are committing to upholding the values of ACS as well as promoting the worth of partnering with your child’s school.



The PTA at Arundel Christian School is a program run in by the Administration and Staff of ACS in collaboration with the parents of ACS. 

This program is designed for our parents to support the Admin, Staff, and Students by promoting the classes, programs, events, and fundraisers of ACS. In congruence with all of ACS’ school values, this program is Christ centered and the actions of this PTA should reflect the following values: 


Arundel Christian School’s PTA Values: 

Partnership: We will cooperate with each other in the advancement of ACS, its students, staff and parents. 

• Commitment: ACS is committed to the well-being and success of each of its students, staff, and parents. The PTA will be a reflection of ACS’ daily commitment by devoting our time, talent, and treasure to each program, event, and fundraiser. 

• Commission: ACS believes in the strengthening and education of each of its students and their families. We will be obedient to God’s Word and His direction on our hearts. We believe each and every one of us has a purpose in furthering God’s Kingdom. 

• Diversity: ACS respects and welcomes diversity in our school and its programs. We will honor our Anti-Discrimination Policy in this PTA by accepting all those of different race and/or religion, and male or female. 

• Respect: ACS vows to respect all members, both parent and teacher, in advancement of the PTA. Each member is important and crucial to the commission of ACS’ programs and ministry. 

• Honesty/Accountability: ACS will be honest in all of its endeavors. The PTA will act with grace and honesty while participating in all the programs, events, and fundraisers of Arundel Christian School’s. All parents and staff will be held accountable while serving on the PTA.