At ACS we include 8th grade students with our 9th – 12th grade students in our Secondary Department.  We do this so that the 8th graders will have the opportunity both to learn about the necessary requirements for graduation before entering the 9th grade and also to start earning those graduation credits early whenever possible.

Students in the 8th grade will be taught their core subjects through classroom instruction.  They will also take Computer and Spanish I-A classes. Those who are able will take High School classes and earn credits toward graduation.



English: English 8, English I, II, III, & IV, Etymology*, Word Building, American Literature*

Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Business Math*, Math Applications, Functional Math

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Unified Science, Astronomy (1/2 Credit), Life Science (1/2 Credit), Geology* (1/2 Credit)

Social Studies: Social Studies 8, US History, US Government, World History, World Geography*, The Constitution*, Collectivism* (1/2 Credit), Sociology* (1/2 Credit)                                                         

*Academic Electives


Computer: Intro to Programming/Computer Science Principles, Yearbook, Network Basics, Computer Science Discovery

Business: Basic General Business, Business Math

Fine Arts: Speech, Music Theory, Choir, Band, Drama, Art

Psychology: Human Temperament Studies, Inter-Personal Relations

Foreign Language: Spanish I-A, I-B, II, & III

General: Photo-Journalism, Ancient Mythology, New Testament, Child Development

PE: Physical Education, Health




Algebra I Pre-Algebra
Algebra II Algebra I & Geometry
Geometry Algebra I
Trigonometry Algebra II & Geometry


English II English I
English III English I & II
English IV English I, II, & III
Chemistry Algebra I & Physical Science
Social Studies None


Students through 8th grade who receive a failing grade in two (2) or more subjects will not be promoted to the next grade. If a student fails one (1) class, he or she may be permitted to go to the next grade; however, the failed course will have to be repeated along with the regular courses for the next grade. A student who has failed two (2) or more classes may be enrolled in local summer school classes. If the classes are passed, that student will be promoted to the next grade level. Proper documentation must be provided from the summer school program proving that the student has successfully completed the necessary courses.


9th-12th Grade

Upon reaching the ninth grade, an Arundel Christian School student needs an Academic Projection to plan the next four years of his/her secondary education.  He/she is a freshman in High School and must make a decision for his/her future among one of the three diploma programs. Parents, students, and teachers meet before the beginning of each school year to go over the next year’s class requirements in each student’s journey towards graduation.

At ACS it is our assumption that both the parent and the student will want to pursue a college education after graduating high school; therefore, we plan that student’s High School career with that goal in mind.  However, some students will not wish to pursue a college degree and may wish to learn a trade, enter the military, or go directly into the workforce. Regardless, we put together the best plan to help our students achieve their life goals while meeting their academic needs.

The Academic Programs offered are as follows:

  • College Preparatory

  • General

  • Vocational


The Basic Requirements for graduation in Anne Arundel County are as follows

Math:  4 Credits
English:  4 Credits
Social Studies:  3 Credits
Must include: US Government, US History, World History
Science: 3 Credits
Must include: Biology
Physical Education:  2 Credits
May include: 1 P.E., 1 Health

Other electives should include at least two (2) Foreign Language credits as most colleges do require them and are now asking for a third Foreign Language credit.  Therefore, ACS has included Spanish III as a graduation requirement.

Students who are taking courses that will be awarded credit towards high school graduation must pass that class with a 60% or higher.  Final grades resulting in a 59% or below will be considered failed classes, and no credit will be awarded. Failed classes must be retaken as a whole to receive full credit.

Please direct any questions to the Principal or the High School Advisor.  Each student’s program is individually planned.



Homework, as assigned on a class-by-class basis, can be expected in all subjects for students in the 8th – 12th grade.  Homework, research papers, book reports, science projects, Field Trip homework, etc. are all part of a complete academic program that prepares students for institutions of higher learning.  We appreciate the parents’ encouragement and support. High school students in grades 9 through 12 who are working for a College Preparatory diploma or working on College-level courses most assuredly will have homework.

Students in grades 4 through 12 are issued an ACS School Daily Planner for each school year.  The planner contains the entire year’s calendar listed by week and month. Projected Test dates are also listed in the planner.  (Teachers may choose to alter those dates according to the testing needs of their individual classes.) Students are to list their daily assignments in this Planner so that parents can be kept abreast of class assignments

Academic Integrity

All ACS students are expected to complete their school work in each of their assigned classes with the utmost honesty.  Students who are caught cheating will receive a zero (0%) grade for that assignment. The following actions are considered cheating:

  • Copying another student’s work.

  • Copying another student’s test.

  • Giving another student your work to copy.

  • Bringing unauthorized notes to any test.

  • Providing other students with answers to previously taken tests.

  • Plagiarism 

Students who persist in dishonest school work shall face suspension or expulsion.